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CryoKING Ultra Low Temperature Storage System Protects Samples for Jilin University

In order to facilitate scientific research for researchers, CryoKING offers complete biobanking solutions based on integrated biobanking design, product supply, and comprehensive training. CryoKING products feature standardization, informationization and modularization, and has been at the top of the industry. Presently, CryoKING complete biobanking solutions are popularly used in research universities, hospitals and other research institutes, including Peking University, Shandong University, Southwest Hospital, Tongji Hospital. CryoKING plays significant roles to promote the development of biobanks.


Recently, Biologix successfully signed a supply agreement with Jilin University to offer CryoKING ultra low-temperature storage system for Jilin University. The storage system includes ultra low-temperature freezers and liquid nitrogen tanks which are parts of CryoKING complete biobanking solutions. It protects valuable samples for Jilin University.

CryoKING -86 ultra-low temperature freezers are intelligent, energy-efficient and safe. Microprocessor-based temperature controller and touch screen controller enable freezers intelligent, China Patent technology of refrigerant and imported efficient compressor enable freezers energy-efficient, and Perfect audible and visual alarms double locks and passwords enable freezers safe. The perfect backup system and user-friendly designs have been recognized by Jilin University.


CryoKING liquid nitrogen tanks are automatic, safe and durable. They are available for liquid and vapor phase of nitrogen. They are light, small footprint with large capacity and low nitrogen consumption rate. Advanced designs of hot gas bypass, liquid level monitoring system and uniform temperature enable users efficiency and security. The monitoring system utilizes microprocessor and double platinum resistor temperature detectors to display the inner temperatures. The demist button and automatic liquid nitrogen filling system enable CryoKING tanks efficient and safe.


Biobanks become more and more significant for life science and medical research. Research universities and other institutes have realized the importance of biobanks, and begin to construct standard and information-based biobanks in order to utilize samples. CryoKING offers excellent and complete biobanking services and products, and strives to assist with research institutes with the safe, advanced and efficient biobanking management system. CryoKING ultra low temperature storage system protects samples for Jilin University, and it will improve the sample storage and management. CryoKING will assist Jilin University to achieve significant progress in life science.

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